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Small Event Tents for Up to 125 People

Each wedding or event is looked at individually so that the proper size tent and layout can be determined based on your personal needs, number of guests, type of event, location and preferences.

Smaller tents are best used for small weddings, backyard events and celebrations, graduation parties, family parties, holiday parties and more.

Table Selection & Seating Capacity  -  a 30x45 Frame tent will accommodate
125 people sitting at 8 ft banquet tables or
95 people sitting at 5 ft round tables
Adding buffet tables, beverage table, bar, dance floor, etc. decreases the seating capacity and requires a larger tent.

Frame tents do not have center poles.  

Cathedral window sides are available for all of our tents.

Contact us for proper tent size and layout to fit your needs for your event or wedding.

20 Wide Frame Tents
  • 20 x 20
  • 20 x 30
  • 20 x 40
20 Wide Pole Tents
  • 20 x 30
  • 20 x 40
30 Wide Frame Tents
  • 30 x 30
  • 30 x 45

Tent with Flowers


Tent for Wedding

Tent in Parking Lot

Great Tent

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